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Tours Tambo Colorado

This land tour lasts 3 hours (1 hour each way, return 1 hour, 1 hour Tambo Colorado) where the tour will take place in a private car to visit the Inca ruins of Tambo Colorado. During the tour you can see the Pisco Valley and its people also appreciate the Pisco river.

Tambo Colorado was an Inca settlement (1450 A.D.) located in the province of Pisco, on the right bank of the Pisco river valley, also known as pucallacta or pucahuasi.

It covers an area of twelve thousand square meters. It is divided into three major sectors, north, central and south, separated by the road down from the mountains to the coast and a large trapezoidal plaza, which has a “ushno” small platform where the Inca in person heading the festivities more Tawantisuyu important.

Tambo Colorado was military and urban administrative center in the period Late Horizon, 1440 – 1532 AD, its name comes from the union of the Quechua word “tampu” which means resting place, while the Spanish word “Colorado” is due to the presence of red, white and yellow used for decorating walls built in adobe paint. The name given to the set due to the predominance of red in buildings.

It is one of the best preserved archaeological sites in Peru and one of the most established centers by the Incas on the coast, built in the Inca Pachacutec to house the soldiers and the high dignitaries of the people.

There will also be a visit to a small museum of Tambo Colorado, where archaeological remains of that era are.


  • Mobility.
  • Join the small museum
  • Professional guide.


  • It is recommended to wear light clothes because in this area is very hot.
  • If this tour is done in the evening, bring a jacket because there is usually winds.
  • Bring a hat, sunscreen, water and sunglasses.

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